When I was younger I wanted to learn to play the drums, but I didn’t get a chance for it. I first played them in 2005, and brought a set myself a year later, in February 2006. I then started practicing and learned everything myself mainly from the sources over the internet. After a while I started playing my favorite songs and started thinking about getting myself deeper in the music… In 2007 we’ve formed our first band with a friend of mine. It was called Benetnash, and we played mostly gothic metal songs from well-known artists such as Within Temptation, Battlelore, and Nightwish. Soon we wrote a few songs ourselves and had two gigs, but then split up, unfortunately.

After a short break I purchased my electric drumkit which I still enjoy playing. A few months of training got me in another band called Jokerfive, where we’ve been playing modern rock. The songs were all written by us and we loved playing together, but we’ve been missing a very important role in the band: the singer. We’ve been on a lookout to get the right voice in the jam, but were unable to find one, so after three years of rehearsing only a couple of great recordings remain…

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