The program is an excellent tool to anyone who wants realistic character portraits in no time.
Making and self-publishing the application gave me a great understanding of how an idea can come alive and be presented to the users. Using custom file formats, setting up our own web shop, using network communication for license verification, to provide auto-updates and DLC downloads for the users make it possible to provide an enhanced experience with continuous support.
I was responsible for developing the AI controlled opponent, which scales dynamically to match the skills of the player.
I’ve developed a gesture-based touch system to control the game on mobiles.
I was also in charge of delivering the Android port of the game with Google Play Games, Facebook, advertising and other third-party SDK integration.
I joined in the development after the Xbox 360 release, and my first tasks were fixing bugs and implementing new features.
After starting the mobile ports I’ve got significant role in the process, as my main tasks became developing cross-project technology.
In addition to various features I was mainly involved in the development of the Survival mode, and in charge of delivering the AI system for the asynchronous game mode as well.
I was working on PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii U, Steam, Android and iOS platforms.

I’ve developed this mini game to experiment with cross-rewarding in CastleStorm, and to test out several monetization ideas.

Google Play:

I’ve implemented several gameplay features and other improvements, working on different modules from core-gameplay to UI system.
I was working on PS Vita, PS3, Nintendo Wii U and Steam platforms.

Using only php, css and jquery I’ve delivered a multimedia website for Dániel. I’ve also developed a backend system, so the content can be dynamically changed without any coding knowledge.


This project was my way into C++. I’ve developed everything from the ground using the SDL library for input handling, rendering and playing sounds and music.
The game is a hex-match3 with several different game-modes and powerups.
It was a social mobile game with logical puzzle and platformer elements. My tasks were to create the level components, implement core-gameplay, physics and multiplayer synchronization.
An endless runner game featuring a skateboarding, banjo-playing velociraptor. I was charged with implementing level generation, enemies and powerups.

The game is an online, browser-based asynchronous rpg, where each player would control and raise a mage, doing quests, explorations, participating in pvp and pve fights, learning new spells and abilities, buying new equipments, etc. The game was developed using php-mysql for server side, and css-jquery for client side. The battles were viewable in table-display from the browser, and actual animated fights in a flash player, where I used ActionScript 3.

More info:

Inspired by the idea of recursive drawing, I’ve created this prototype in Flash ActionScript 3. The player is given a shape (square, triangle, circle, etc), and tries to recreate the given compositions only by modifying the original shape, like rotating, resizing or duplicating it in a recursive way.